About Youthletics: An Exciting Path to Physical Literacy

Youthletics is a fresh new perspective on physical activity for youth! Based in Milton, ON, our physical literacy camp caters to children and youth ages 6-12 years of age. Our mission is to develop and deliver exceptional programming and learning opportunities for youth. We are committed to shaping a healthy future by creating a knowledgeable, physically literate society and promoting lifelong participation in physical activity.

What is Youthletics?

Youthletics is a safe space for kids to nurture positive relationships and build the confidence to take risks, develop skills, and maintain life-long healthy active living.

Physical literacy has been identified by experts in physical education, sport and cognitive science as a key ingredient in raising healthy, happy and successful children. At Youthletics, we believe in a holistic approach to body and mind – a healthy body feeds a healthy mind, and vice versa!
We have fun, caring, and supportive coaches who’ve been active their whole lives, and understand the positive benefits that movement skills can provide.

The Youthletics Team

Youthletics Staff and Instructors are passionate about supporting children, with an unwavering commitment to physical activity! Our Team is comprised of NCCP* coaches, Ontario certified teachers and mature students.
As a requirement, all staff possess:

  • Current and up-to-date First Aid + CPR/AED
  • High Five®** certifications
  • Valid Criminal Record Check and Vulnerable Sector Screening
  • 2 years experience in working with children in a learning and/or recreational environment (minimum)

Why Did We Start Youthletics?

Inspired by our own active childhoods, the Youthletics program is specifically designed to motivate and inspire children to move, be passionate about health and fitness, grow as active learners and develop to become future leaders of our global society. Our key program learning goals are presented in a fun, engaging manner and age-appropriate per group, and lead by qualified and certified instructors.

We see a need for Youthletics and our programs in today’s society where it is easy to become disconnected from the physicality of yourself and your world. Staying active requires effort and dedication, children and their parents have to choose how kids will spend their time. We salute our families that prioritize physical health and well being!

Youthletics kids balancing ball

Youthletics is proud to be registered with

Highfive The best way to play

Our Vision and Mission


Youthletics is committed to positively shaping the future by creating a physically literate society and promoting lifelong participation in physical activity and education, while guiding and encouraging individual growth and development through adolescence and into adulthood.


Youthletics will achieve its vision by developing and delivering exceptional programming and learning opportunities in physical literacy and facilitating individual growth and development.

We strive to instill the belief that physical literacy starts in childhood and is a key factor in promoting healthy, well balanced adults. Youthletics will improve society by taking a holistic, wellness-based approach to foster familiarity and competency with physical literacy in children. We will positively shape the future by nurturing confidence, social skills, and an appreciation for health and wellness in today’s youth.

Our Core Values

Youthletics places the following values at the forefront of all operations:


Maintain Exceptional Standards in Movement Education

Our movement education curriculum is standards- based and safety compliant. Our number one responsibility is the safety and enjoyment of our participants. This is why we ensure a robust curriculum and qualified, caring coaches. As an organization registered with HIGH FIVE® and PHECanada, Youthletics is in-line with Canadian standards in children’s programming.

We provide ongoing physical and health literacy training and professional development opportunities for staff. 

Stay current and up to date with new research in the field.


Support Youth and Nurture Relationships

Youthletics promotes compassion, empathy, inclusiveness and collaboration, all in an effort to contribute to a sustainable and healthy community of future adults.

Building positive relationships with each child is fundamental to great leadership and instruction

Providing a safe place to learn and practice physical literacy skills, develop healthy, trusting relationships and build self-reliance through the values of caring, honesty, respect, integrity and responsibility.


Never Stop Innovating

We are constantly in search for new ways to develop life skills and physical literacy, always considering the latest techniques and research in child psychology, physical literacy and movement-based education.

We are a fully inclusive program, with an unwavering commitment and high expectations to be fully equitable and the flexibility to differentiate coaching and instruction to support the needs and diversity of our children.

We promote wellness in peer relationships and children/adult relationships. Our coaches are caring, fun, compassionate individuals who want to see children learn, grow, and develop in their physical literacy and psychological wellness.

The best teachers are eternal students: our team is constantly implementing new ideas, designs, and techniques into our curriculum to keep it fresh, evolving and maintains engagement.

We offer children a chance to innovate themselves by experiencing movement, balance and play like never before.

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