Providing Youth with a solid foundation through

Physical Literacy Summer Camp Programs

At Youthletics, we are passionate about getting kids active! We have created a FUN, engaging, safe and inclusive learning program for your children to:

  • Develop a lifelong commitment to physical activity
  • Build confidence and make new friendships
  • Explore their fundamental movement skills and become more physically literate

Through structured and unstructured play, your children will thrive in a whole new way. What better way to unplug today’s youth than through the gift of play? You’ll be so satisfied with your child’s experience, you’ll be doing cartwheels!

What is Physical Literacy? Enroll in Summer Camps

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When you enroll 2 or more children in our summer camp program.


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Youth Physical Literacy Camp Boys Soccer

Long days and pleasant nights are on their way because summer is right around the corner! Let our experienced leaders and coaches guide your children to explore their surroundings and themselves through physical activity and provide a unique experience based on mindfulness, expanding horizons, and most importantly, FUN! Register your kids now, with multiple siblings eligible for a discount.

What is Physical Literacy?

Physical literacy can be described as the motivation, confidence, physical competence, knowledge and understanding to value and take responsibility for engagement in physical activities (Whitehead, 2016). Just as children need to be taught to read and write, they also need to be taught how to run, jump, kick, catch and throw! By encouraging a positive physical activity experience at a young age, children begin to develop physical literacy skills, which will enable them to move with poise and confidence across a wide variety of physical activities. Children that develop fundamental movement skills will participate in physical activity more often and remain active for life! We want to build a healthy population now and, for the future, and we love to partner with parents to create a physically literate generation of kids that will grow into the confident, healthy leaders of tomorrow! Physical Literacy improves Safety, Leadership and Confidence Learn More

Learn the Building Blocks of Safe & Healthy Movement

We start with the basics – no need for prior experience here! We teach movement preparation at a comfortable pace that’s designed to allow children to progress based on their mastery of skills and abilities. Through this process, your child will develop strong movement habits, build confidence, and kick start his or her path towards lifelong healthy active living.

With the basic building blocks of competence, confidence, and motivation – kids can achieve anything!

Active movement of any kind during play can build agility balance, coordination and speed. At Youthletics, we balance both structured and unstructured play to adequately , develop movement skills and creativity – when kids are allowed unstructured play, you’d be surprised the kind of incredible games they come up with!

With the constant advent of new technologies, it can become difficult to keep children in touch with the non-digital world. Youthletics offers them a chance to reconnect to themselves and their environment. After all, “Play is the work of childhood” – Mr. Rogers.

Summer Camp Registration is OPEN!

Save 10% when you enroll 2 or more children in our summer camp program.


A Happy, Healthy Future for Every Child

The #1 goal for your child is fun! The second goal, of course, is to develop physical literacy and cultivate a healthy appreciation for physical activity while building the confidence to take calculated risks and challenge themselves in any arena. Enhancing a child’s movement skills has benefits physically of course but also boosts them mentally, socially, emotionally and intellectually. Learn more about physical literacy here! 

Increase Happiness and Long-Term Bliss

Regular exercise aids in the prevention and management of health conditions and improves mood, outlook, and increases self-worth. With regular exercise and activity, our bodies release chemicals that boost our sense of well-being and suppress stress and anxiety causing hormones. Physical activity is an effective tool against depression and other related negative feelings. Through the tools provided by our Youthletics program, your family can experience the benefits of exercise and increase your happiness and long-term bliss.

Being active is a key component to a healthy lifestyle and helps combats recent trends of childhood obesity and technology addiction. With skills taught by Youthletics, children have a place to be free, explore, and develop an appreciation for active play and the outdoors. Building these habits gives your child a considerable advantage, and increases the likelihood for lasting health and happiness.

Teach Sport-Specific Skills for the Future

Sports teach so much more than the game itself: teamwork, perseverance, and dedication. Values many parents strive to instill in their children. Sports are a valuable part of someone’s upbringing and help create balanced adults with healthy lifestyles and the ability to excel when working with others. At Youthletics, we teach basic skills that become part of an athlete’s “toolbelt” forever. By familiarizing children with the expectations of movement in sports, they are better prepared to excel as part of a team.

Once a wide range of fundamental movement skills have been mastered, participants progress into the Learn to Train stage of the Long-Term Athlete Development Model (9-12 years of age). 

Sport-specific skills and complex movement skills build on each other, and are useful in every sport – running skills, hand-eye coordination, and learning to collaborate well as a team or as in individual pursuits can apply to any sport or activity they choose to participate in throughout childhood, adolescence and into adulthood.

Kids also gain the poise and tenacity to try out new sports. They trust themselves and their bodies, because they’ve already learned how at Youthletics activity camps.

Provide Kids with the Tools They Need to Succeed

Every child, no matter their passion, benefits from the confidence and strength they build living an active lifestyle. Learning to play sports and other fun games requires attention to detail and a willingness to adapt, alongside strategy and physical awareness.

Group activities teach children the value of cooperation and the benefit in blending their own abilities with the skill sets of fellow team members. They teach you how to lead and how to follow, when to speak and when it’s time to get to work.

A healthy body and a healthy mind are in a constant tango, feeding off one another and working to improve both. A child who loves their body and what it can do is going to grow into an adult who makes healthy decisions, knows physical activity is good for them, and most importantly, knows how to have a good time out in the sun.

At Youthletics, we facilitate your children’s growth and maturity, planting the seeds for a brighter, healthier tomorrow for everyone!

Summer Camp Registration is OPEN!

Save 10% when you enroll 2 or more children in our summer camp program.